MWB election protest

“Mary Wills Bode’s election protest, launched as Early Voting begins in North Carolina, shows how desperate she is to distract voters from her lack of vision or qualifications. It is the very definition of a frivolous legal challenge that you would expect from a lawyer and lobbyist.”

“Here are the facts: my wife and I contracted to purchased adjoining lots where we planned to build our home last year – before Senate maps came out, much less when the maps were finalized by the Supreme Court earlier this year. During construction, we have been living in a trailer, as seen in the photos the Democratic operative took over the last few weeks. We have been living there since last fall; it has electricity, gas, water, and Wi-Fi. I’m registered to vote there. My wife and I have hosted our grandsons there for extended visits.”

“For the next 19 days, I will be focused on meeting with voters and earning their vote for state Senate – talking to them about what they care about, which is the rising cost of living and Biden’s failed economic policies, not political stunts.”

My opponent, Pinocchio…

A couple of weeks ago I shared my opponent’s mailer with you and pointed out all the lies. You’ve probably seen TV and digital ads with the same falsehoods. Their campaign strategy is to smear my work history by deceiving people with the lie that I shuttered a plant in Franklin County and shipped jobs to Mexico or China.

But it’s a lie. And now even the spokesperson for the NC Democrat party has admitted it isn’t true! (see their story in the link below)

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Biden & Bode’s Destructive Policies

Friends, things are just not getting any better. The damage Biden and the progressive left have done to our economy continues, and today the August CPI report came out – and it isn’t good.

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Extremism on the left in District 18

In a recent Politico article, my opponent staked her flag in the ground naming unrestricted abortions her number one priority – not inflation, not education, not public safety – abortion on demand at any time is issue #1 for her.

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Here she goes again…

Friends, she’s at it again. 

Mary Wills Bode and her liberal backers don’t seem to be able to put anything out that even hints at honesty or fairness.  Truth is being sacrificed to win at all costs.  Running for office should not be this way, and it is a reason that good people do not want to step up.  If they can repeat lies enough times, maybe they can fool enough voters.  It’s a sign of just how desperate they are to win District 18.  The ironic thing is, they are attacking me for what Mary Wills Bode does not have – business experience.

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