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The Benham Brothers Endorse E.C. Sykes for Secretary of State

Our campaign is very excited to announce that the Benham Brothers endorsed EC Sykes for Secretary of State.

Jason and David Benham are prominent North Carolinians, the founders of Benham Real Estate Group in Charlotte, as well as authors and former reality TV hosts. They are dedicated Christians who are doing remarkable work spreading Christian values across the country.

After speaking publicly about their faith, their show was taken off the air by a network attempting to silence their testimony—they are a living example of why we need greater protections of religious liberty both here in North Carolina and in the U.S.  No American citizen should be forced to censor their religious beliefs by their employer or anyone else. Their courage and determination in the face of adversity has served as an example for Christians everywhere, and they have truly been an inspiration to both myself and our campaign.

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The Benham Brothers chose to endorse our campaign in this race because they know what is at stake in this election. We have a golden opportunity this November to restore the North Carolina values that we all share—limited government, religious freedom, rule of law, sanctity of life. Values like these are the foundation that made our state great, the values that were passed to us and they are the values that we should be passing to the next generation.

I’m honored to have the endorsement of Jason and David Benham, and I need your help too. Those who want a larger government, more control of our lives, disregard the rule of law are mobilizing against us—they have witnessed the momentum we are building and are doing everything in their power to stop us. I invite you to join the Benham Brothers and become part of our Grassroots Army and Prayer Team—both are instrumental to the success of our campaign.

Always working for you,

E.C. Sykes