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E.C. Sykes for Secretary of State Campaign Announces Senator Buck Newton as Campaign Chairman

Raleigh, NC—Less than 2 months after entering the race for North Carolina Secretary of State, E.C. Sykes has announced that former State Senator and 2016 Republican Attorney General nominee Buck Newton will serve as his campaign’s chairman.

“I couldn’t be more excited to join the Sykes campaign. Over my time in politics, I’ve met a lot of candidates who make big promises—E.C. is as serious as they come. When he sets out to do something, he does it, and when he makes a campaign promise, you can count on him to keep it. His conservative credentials are beyond reproach,” said Newton. “We have a golden opportunity in this election to finally take back the Secretary of State’s office and institute policies that will improve the business climate in our state, finally putting North Carolina back on the right track. His experience of turning struggling organizations into successful ones and his proven conservative values make him the perfect candidate to defeat Elaine Marshall in November. I’m happy to serve as his campaign chairman and offer him my full-fledged endorsement.”

Buck Newton currently serves as an attorney, running his own private practice in Wilson. Buck also served his community in the North Carolina State Senate for three terms and earned a reputation as fair-minded and dependable, fighting for limited government and an environment where North Carolina families could prosper again. Before the State Senate, Buck served as Chairman of the Wilson County Republican Party. He also successfully ran for and won the Republican nomination for Attorney General in 2016. In order to serve as Chairman of the Sykes campaign, Newton stepped down from his role as NC GOP Treasurer.

“I’m honored that someone as high caliber as Buck has agreed to serve as our campaign’s chairman. Buck’s personal values perfectly align with my own—the same values that our campaign is centered on. Our entire team will benefit from his political experience and leadership,” said Sykes. “Buck chose to lead our campaign as Chairman because he knows what can be accomplished with the right person in the Secretary’s office. He’s seen first-hand the negative impact on North Carolina that career politicians and those who don’t share our values have had. With his help, I have no doubt that we will win our primary election and march on to victory next November.”

After only one week in the race for Secretary of State, the Sykes campaign raised over $127,000 in contributions—more than each of the last five Republican nominees raised over the course of their whole campaigns. As E.C. continues to travel the state and rally the grassroots, he further proves every day that he is the only candidate with the conservative credentials and business experience necessary to win the general election. This message resonates with more voters every day, and as fundraising continues to be successful, the campaign is confidant every voter across the state will be exposed to E.C.’s platform.  As a conservative outsider with fresh ideas, he appeals to a diverse mix of voters and will inspire them to turnout at the polls on election day.

To learn more about the campaign, please visit www.ECforNC.com, or follow the campaign on Facebook or Twitter.