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E.C. Sykes Files with Board of Elections to Run for North Carolina Secretary of State

Raleigh, NC—Today, E.C. Sykes officially filed with the North Carolina Board of Elections to run for North Carolina Secretary of State in the 2020 election.

“This is a big day for our campaign, but we also know how much work there is left to do. Our state needs someone in the Secretary’s office who has the experience and vision necessary to affect positive change in North Carolina—improving the business environment, implementing more transparency, better customer service, eliminating waste, limiting the size and scope of the government,” said Sykes. “Our campaign is ready to take action on all of these issues on day one. North Carolina deserves better; we deserve a Secretary who isn’t satisfied with the status quo. I look forward to continuing to meet voters across the state and share with them our vision for North Carolina and the values that serve as our campaign’s foundation.”

Since launching his campaign, E.C. Sykes has received an outpouring of grassroots support and has spent almost every day traveling across North Carolina to take his message directly to the voters. Last month, the campaign announced that State Senator Buck Newton would serve as the campaign’s Chairman. On November 20th, the campaign rolled out its state leadership team of 21 individuals which continues to grow every day.

The Sykes campaign has also placed an emphasis on fundraising, knowing that in order to win the general election, it will take a combination of being well-funded and having significant grassroots support. In the very first week after launching his campaign, E.C. Sykes raised more than the last five Republican nominees did over the course of their entire campaigns.

Now that the Sykes for Secretary of State campaign has filed with the Board of Elections, it will become clear to more voters every day that E.C. is the only candidate who can defeat Elaine Marshall in November and use the Secretary of State’s office to strengthen North Carolina. Given his fundraising success and the outpouring of grassroots support the campaign has received, the Sykes campaign is solidly positioned to win the primary election and deny Elaine Marshall a sixth term in office.