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Rockingham Sheriff and Trump Campaign State Chairman Sam Page Endorses E.C. Sykes for Secretary of State

Raleigh, NC — Today, Rockingham County Sheriff Sam Page, who also serves as President Trump’s Campaign Chairman for North Carolina, announced his endorsement of E.C. Sykes for Secretary of State.

“President Trump needs allies in state government who will help him continue the amazing progress that we all have seen in his first four years in office. E.C. Sykes has proven himself with his business background. His personal values and excellent character will give him that ability to help our small businesses to achieve their goals in North Carolina,” said Page. “E.C. Sykes also supports the ‘Rule of Law,’ as do I. This year, law enforcement officers throughout America have come under fire by some who choose lawlessness and advocate for defunding law enforcement agencies. In North Carolina, we need leaders like E.C. Sykes who will stand strong and support those who keep our communities safe. I am honored to support E.C. Sykes in his campaign for N.C. Secretary of State, and I look forward to his victory in November.”

“I’m honored to have Sheriff Page’s support as I continue to do everything I can to help President Trump and the entire Republican ticket reach success in November. The President needs fresh leaders with outside experience like him to help safely reopen our state, not stale career politicians who have shown they’d prefer to hide in the face of our state’s largest problems. North Carolina needs someone with the business background necessary to get our economy humming again, allowing it to reach the heights we saw before the shutdown,” said Sykes. “Businesses and families are hurting. They deserve a Secretary of State who will lead, not hide; someone who is focused on getting results, not just maintaining the status quo. Together, we’re going to finally push North Carolina to reach it’s full potential as the best standard of living and economy in the country.”

Since the anti-police movement began, Elaine Marshall has remained dead silent on whether she favors a policy of defunding North Carolina’s law enforcement. As the state’s economy continues to suffer due to the Governor’s extended shutdown, Marshall has remained in hiding.

In addition to Sheriff Page’s endorsement, the Sykes campaign has recently received endorsements from the NC Fraternal Order of Police, as well as endorsements from both Democratic and Republican members of law enforcement from all over the state.

The Sykes for Secretary of State campaign will continue highlighting Elaine Marshall’s refusal to support North Carolina’s law enforcement and lack of business experience required to support small businesses. Families and communities deserve a Secretary of State who will deliver for them, not focus on building a career in politics. To stay updated with the Sykes campaign’s progress, visit www.ECforNC.com or follow on Facebook and Twitter.