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Radio Host Steve Noble endorses E.C. Sykes for Secretary of State

Raleigh, NC—Today, radio host Steve Noble announced his endorsement of E.C. Sykes for North Carolina Secretary of State.

“I am excited and honored to offer my full-throated, one-hundred percent endorsement of my friend and brother, E.C. Sykes for Secretary of State here in the great state of North Carolina. Not only does E.C. have an outstanding business background, but he is a man of faith. In fact, he is my Christian brother,” said Noble in a video recorded for the campaign. “I look at this race and go, ‘Here’s a man that knows what he’s talking about, has great experience, he’s turned around companies, increased profits, he knows what he’s doing in the business realm.’ Which is incredibly important as the Secretary of State here in North Carolina. But he’s also a man of faith which, for me, means that his compass is set right. He understands truth, compassion, and not only the need to think clearly, but to act with wisdom on behalf of the people that he serves. He has a servant’s heart and I am thrilled, excited, and honored to give my full endorsement to E.C. Sykes for Secretary of State.”

Noble is the host of The Steve Noble Show and founder of Called2Action, an advocacy group that fights for issues related to Christianity and religious liberty. The organization’s mission statement reads, “To proclaim, explain, and apply Biblical Truth to every nook and cranny of life, with grace and patience, by any means possible.” Shortly following the announcement of his candidacy, E.C. Sykes appeared on The Steve Noble Show to discuss the North Carolina values that are the center-point of his campaign.

“Steve Noble’s endorsement of our campaign is greatly appreciated by our entire team, especially me. I consider Steve a faith thought leader and appreciate his guidance and advice in matters inside and outside the church. The work he has done on behalf of Christians both in North Carolina and across the nation is deserving of praise and attention,” said Sykes. “Steve chose to join us because of the values we both share that I have placed at the center of our campaign. Family, life, and freedom — these are only a few aspects of our campaign that we have been spreading across the state. With Steve’s help, we’re going to make sure that each and every voter knows what is at stake in this election and what is possible with a conservative in the Secretary’s office. I thank him for his support and can’t wait to continue working with him to achieve this vision for our state.”

Steve Noble joins several other locally and nationally known Christians and conservatives who have signed onto the Sykes campaign, including Founder of First Liberty and 2018 Jurist of the Year, Kelly Shackelford, Focus on the Family and Family Talk founder Dr. James Dobson, civil rights leader Clarence Henderson, Pro-Life activist, and Chloe’s Foundation founder Kurt Kondrich, and many others from every part of North Carolina.

While the campaign rallies support from conservatives and Christians from every corner of the state, E.C. Sykes continues to prove that he is the only true conservative with the vision to push North Carolina to reach its true potential. As the campaign continues to gain momentum, E.C. has established himself as the frontrunner in the race and the only candidate capable of defeating Elaine Marshall in the general election. To stay updated with the campaign’s progress, visit www.ECforNC.com or follow on Facebook and Twitter.