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NC Senate President Pro Tempore Phil Berger Endorses E.C. Sykes for Secretary of State

Raleigh, NC — Today, North Carolina Senate President Pro Tempore Phil Berger announced his endorsement of E.C. Sykes for North Carolina Secretary of State.

“I am proud to endorse E.C. Sykes for Secretary of State. E.C. is a proven business leader that will bring commonsense, fiscally responsible solutions to improve North Carolina’s economy,” said Senator Berger. “Our great state needs more leaders like E.C., and I look forward to getting to work with him next year.”

“I can’t express how much I appreciate Senator Berger’s support and endorsement. His work to uphold the security of our elections in these uncertain times has been vitally important, especially as many in our state government seek to undermine the integrity of our voting process,” said Sykes. “He also understands how government can help both large and small businesses thrive by eliminating the roadblocks that big-government Democrats have put in place. As an outsider with vast business experience, I get excited about working with a highly respected and knowledgeable leader like Senator Berger. With his help, we can start making improvements to North Carolina’s business environment on day one.”

Sen. Berger joins several other locally and nationally recognized leaders and public officials who have signed onto the Sykes campaign, including U.S. Senator Ted Cruz, NC House Majority Leader John Bell, NC House Agriculture Chairman Jimmy Dixon, former Lieutenant Governor and Congressman Jim Gardner, radio host Steve Noble, Founder of First Liberty and 2018 Jurist of the Year Kelly Shackelford, Focus on the Family and Family Talk founder Dr. James Dobson, civil rights leader Clarence Henderson, pro-life activist and Chloe’s Foundation founder Kurt Kondrich, and many others from every part of North Carolina.

While the campaign rallies support from every corner of the state, E.C. Sykes continues to prove that he has both the grassroots and financial support to defeat Elaine Marshall and end her 26-year career in politics. Voters are begging for a Secretary of State with the business experience necessary to finally deliver results for the businesses and the hardworking families that they employ. To stay updated with the campaign’s progress, visit www.ECforNC.com or follow on Facebook and Twitter.