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E.C. Sykes Speaks Out Against Movement to Defund Police, Calls Out Marshall for Her Silence

Raleigh, NC— Today, E.C. Sykes, Republican nominee for North Carolina Secretary of State, released the following statement on the growing movement to defund the police, as well as Elaine Marshall’s previous involvement with the “Occupy” movement and her silence on recent protests.

“It’s unnerving to witness the radical left calling to defund our police, especially as they grow louder every day. We must work to improve these departments, but defunding them is not the answer. I will always support our law enforcement and first responders across North Carolina,” said Sykes. “Defunding our police would put the people of North Carolina in immediate danger and have a massively negative impact on our state. That’s why I’m surprised to see Elaine Marshall so completely silent on this issue now, when she helped pave the way for this movement with her support and participation in Occupy Raleigh. Why is she absent? Does she stand with the radicals that want to defund the police or does she stand with the first responders North Carolinians count on every day?”

Just like many other states across the country, North Carolina has undergone a very difficult few months as it responds to both the COVID-19 pandemic and increasingly destructive protests now directed at defunding police departments across the state. While the Secretary of State’s office is responsible for helping small businesses and the economy get through these tumultuous times, as well as ensuring the safety of all citizens, Elaine Marshall has remained both silent and absent.

Only a decade ago, Elaine Marshall, while serving as Secretary of State, marched with and encouraged as a spokesperson these same types of protests during the “Occupy Raleigh” movement. Those protests resulted in more than twenty arrests and cost the taxpayers of Raleigh in excess of forty thousand dollars in police protection. The Occupy movement resurges now with new demands to defund police in North Carolina.

With vandalism and rioting accompanying protests throughout our state and nation, it is time for the people of North Carolina to know where all of their elected officials stand on defunding police and first responders. However, 24-year incumbent Elaine Marshall has remained silent.

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