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E.C. Sykes Reports Raising Over $200,000 in 2019

Raleigh, NC—Today, E.C. Sykes, Republican candidate for North Carolina Secretary of State, announced raising more than $200,000 in donations since announcing his candidacy in August of 2019.

“Our entire team is very proud of the success we’ve seen in our fundraising efforts since launching our campaign this past fall. When we first started this campaign, we laid out a plan much like a business would on how we were going to win this election. We knew that it was going to take a considerable amount of money to defeat Elaine Marshall given the decades she’s spent as an incumbent. The number of contributions we’ve received is not only encouraging, it’s a sign that North Carolinians want to see a fundamental change in the Secretary’s office. One of the difficulties in winning this seat in the past has been the inability to raise enough money to get the message out. This time we’re raising enough to let the people know that there is a Christian business leader who passionately desires to serve North Carolina,” said Sykes.

“Although we’re proud of what we’ve accomplished in terms of fundraising, we also recognize that this is only half of the equation. We’ve put significant resources into building a grassroots army that spans the entire state, and we’ve seen the fruits of that labor. Everywhere we travel, we see more and more voters who have heard about the movement we’re building and are eager to join it. Now more than ever, we can’t afford to take our foot off the gas pedal—we must keep working hard every hour of every day if we hope to deliver the change that North Carolinians need and deserve.”

The Sykes for Secretary of State campaign officially launched on August 27th with the rollout of its website and announcement video. The campaign plans to file its first campaign finance report on January 31st with the North Carolina Board of Elections, reporting more than $200,000 in contributions. This amount is more than the last five Republican nominees for Secretary of State raised over the course of their entire campaigns.

In addition to the success that the campaign has seen in terms of fundraising. E.C. Sykes has continued to build a sizable grassroots network spanning the entire state. The campaign has established a strong statewide leadership team and has earned endorsements from conservative leaders such as First Liberty President Kelly Shackelford, Focus on the Family founder Dr. James Dobson, civil rights leader Clarence Henderson, Chloe’s Foundation founder Kurt Kondrich, radio host Steve Noble, and State Senator and current Sykes Campaign Chairman Buck Newton. The rapid growth of this grassroots network continues each and every day, as more and more voters latch onto what the Sykes campaign stands for.

Given his early fundraising success and grassroots support, E.C. Sykes has established himself as the frontrunner in the race for the Republican nomination and the only conservative capable of taking on Elaine Marshall and winning the general election. The response that the Sykes campaign has received to its message is a strong indication that North Carolinians want a return to the values that E.C. Sykes has built his campaign on—they want a Christian business leader that will deliver results, not more of the status quo. To learn more about the campaign, please visit www.ECforNC.com or follow on Facebook and Twitter.