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E.C. Sykes Releases First TV Advertisement Touting Conservative Credentials, Illegal Immigration Pledge

Raleigh, NC—Today, E.C. Sykes, Republican candidate for North Carolina Secretary of State, released his first television advertisement titled “E.C. for NC” focused on his business experience and conservative credentials.

“For the first time in decades, we’re giving Elaine Marshall a real run for her money. We’ve put her campaign on its heels. We’re showing voters of North Carolina that a better alternative exists; an alternative that will focus on creating a brighter future for our state, not on remaining in office,” said Sykes. “This ad largely reflects the theme that we have built our campaign on—North Carolina needs a Christian conservative businessman in the Secretary’s office if we hope to improve the business environment and push North Carolina to reach its full potential. We already know that our message is a winning one, now we need to get that message in front of every voter across the state. This ad is only the first step in that effort.”

The 30 second ad can be viewed here and focuses on E.C. Sykes’ political outsider status, conservative credentials, business experience, Christian worldview, support of the President, and his pledge to end the practice of allowing illegal immigrants to become notaries public.

With less than a month until the primary election, E.C. Sykes is the first and only candidate to announce an advertisement on TV or radio. “E.C. for NC” will be run in various television markets around the state. The ad will also be supplemented with a radio ad, which will be run in various radio markets around the state.

The announcement of the campaign’s first ad comes only days after it was revealed in the Year End Semi-Annual campaign finance reports that E.C. Sykes raised more in donations than 24-year Democratic incumbent Elaine Marshall and his two Republican primary opponents combined. The Sykes campaign reported raising $212,815 with $147,117 in cash-on-hand between July 1st and December 31st, 2019. Elaine Marshall reported raising $133,853 with $186,346 in cash-on-hand, money that was left over from her previous campaign reports. Republican opponent Michael Lapaglia reported raising $7,272 with $7,834 in cash-on-hand, while Republican opponent Chad Brown reported raising $7,535 with $16,074 in cash-on-hand.