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E.C. Sykes Releases Ad Hitting Marshall for Lack of Results Over Her 28-Year Career

Raleigh, NC — Today, E.C. Sykes’ campaign for Secretary of State released another general election ad, titled, “End the Status Quo.”

“For the last 24 years, we’ve had a Secretary of State more focused on establishing her own political career than delivering results for North Carolina families and small businesses. Rather than pushing our economy to new heights and providing businesses with the resources they need to grow, she’s simply maintained the status quo. Now more than ever, that is not good enough,” said Sykes. “We need someone in the Secretary’s office who has a proven track record of getting results; someone who has the business experience required to help business owners navigate the difficult situation our Governor has put them in. More of the same just isn’t going to get the job done.”

The Sykes campaign’s new ad “End the Status Quo,” can be found here and the transcript of the ad can be found below. The full list of the campaign’s general election ads can be found here.

E.C. Sykes’ exemplary career in business perfectly positions him to serve as a Secretary of State who will push North Carolina’s economy beyond the heights seen before the COVID-19 pandemic. As the Group President of a Fortune 500 manufacturing company, he managed operations in 20 countries and 35,000 people. Having served as CEO of three different companies (public, private, and venture capital-funded), he is currently a small business owner. There’s no question that he has the experience to lead the office primarily responsible for supporting economic growth. All of this is experience that Secretary Marshall completely lacks and explains why the office has remained stagnant for so long.

The Sykes for Secretary of State campaign will continue to highlight the stark differences between E.C. and Elaine Marshall, who has nothing to show for her 24-year career in politics other than carrying water for the far-left and maintaining the status quo. While the Sykes campaign has continued to deliver its message to voters across the state, Elaine Marshall has remained in hiding, relying only on her incumbency to get re-elected. To stay updated with the Sykes campaign’s progress, visit www.ECforNC.com or follow on Facebook and Twitter.

Transcript: End the Status Quo
Sykes: Are you happy with more of the same? Career politician Elaine Marshall still is—28 years in government and nothing to show for it. I’m E.C. Sykes, a businessman, and I’m running for Secretary of State because what we’re getting isn’t good enough.