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E.C. Sykes Inducted into NCSU Alumni Hall of Fame

Raleigh, NC—Today, E.C. Sykes, Republican candidate for North Carolina Secretary of State, was inducted into the North Carolina State University Alumni Hall of Fame, an honor that less than 1% of alumni earn.

“I can’t tell you how much of an honor it is to be inducted into the Alumni Hall of Fame and be included with so many other distinguished engineers. I hope to continue giving back to the University in additional ways and represent it as the esteemed institution that it is,” said Sykes. “NCSU provided me with opportunities I never would have had anywhere else, with the added benefit of being in the state I am proud to call home. However, NCSU didn’t just provide me with an education—I also met my wife, Susan, right here on campus. Without her, I would not have been able to achieve everything that I am being recognized for here today. To say that NCSU has significantly shaped my life would be an understatement.”

Nominations to the Alumni Hall of Fame are based on profession and service achievement, entrepreneurship, and contributions to professional societies. With more than 16,000 Electrical and Computer Engineering alumni, only a select number are chosen as Alumni Hall of Fame members, making this a truly noteworthy distinction.

Since graduating from NCSU in 1985 with a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering and later a Master’s degree in Science in Management, E.C. has remained involved with the Electrical and Computer Engineering School. E.C. had the honor of serving two terms on the school’s Advisory Board and continues to be featured as a guest lecturer from time to time.

As a businessman who has led both private and public businesses, started a business and served as an officer in a Fortune 500 company, E.C. has a long career that earned him the distinction of being inducted into the Alumni Hall of Fame. Over his business career, he has created jobs when leading companies of various sizes that grew from $2M to $15M, $20M to $200M, and $600M to $4B. As CEO of a small family-owned manufacturing company, E.C. was responsible for the company being twice recognized as one of the 50 fastest-growing companies in North Carolina.

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