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E.C. Sykes, Business Leader and Strong Conservative, Announces Candidacy for Secretary of State

Raleigh, NC — Today, E.C. Sykes, a widely respected business leader and man of faith, announced his campaign for North Carolina Secretary of State.

“It’s time for fresh ideas and conservative leadership in the Secretary of State’s office—someone who understands how to foster economic growth and will set North Carolina on a course towards a strong future,” said Sykes. “Too long, we have been underserved by a career politician who after more than 20 years in office is stale and lacking relevance to the business community.”

The E.C. Sykes for Secretary of State campaign filed with the Board of Elections on August 16th and officially launched today with an announcement video and the rollout of its website. In the six business days since filing, the campaign has raised $125,000, which is more than the last three Republican candidates raised through the primary and general election.

A native of North Carolina, E.C. Sykes’ North Carolina family roots can be traced back 300 years to before the Revolutionary War. Descending from farmers who instilled in him a strong work ethic, E.C.’s father was a police officer and mother an oncology lab technician. Some of his early jobs were selling tomatoes door-to-door and working in the tobacco fields. E.C. put himself through engineering at NC State by working as an electrician and co-op student. There, he met his wife, Susan, of more than 30 years. Together, they started a family in Rolesville, raising their children with the same core North Carolina values their parents instilled in them.

“Hard-working North Carolinian families deserve someone who will bring transparency and efficiency to our state government—commonsense policies like honoring the rule of law, cutting waste, limiting the size of government, and restoring confidence in our elected officials,” said Sykes. “As a conservative problem-solver and man of strong Christian faith, I have the experience and values to expand opportunities for all North Carolinians by removing the barriers to economic growth, fostering job creation, and restoring the conservative values that are being threatened.”

Over E.C.’s business career, he has created thousands of jobs while leading a variety of companies including a small, family-owned one and larger, complex public ones; the type of experience critical for the office of the Secretary of State. This background has given him the ability to relate to business owners and entrepreneurs in North Carolina, as well as the knowledge of how to improve the business environment in the state for every citizen. Beyond his career in business, E.C. has remained active in both his church and community, serving as an ordained deacon, foster parent and giving of his resources to several charities including those focusing on sanctity of life. Recognizing Ted Cruz as a conservative Constitutionalist and defender of religious liberty, E.C. volunteered full time for his 2016 presidential campaign and became the Executive Director of Faith and Religious Liberty. In that role, he worked with national faith leaders, created a national prayer team, and coordinated religious liberty events.

With his entrance into the race for Secretary of State, E.C. Sykes is the only candidate with the experience and background to win the general election and finally deliver for North Carolina families and the business community. As a conservative outsider with fresh ideas, he appeals to a diverse mix of voters and will inspire them to turnout at the polls on election day. To learn more about the campaign, please visit www.ECforNC.com, or follow on Facebook and Twitter.