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Durham’s Former Top Law Enforcement Officers, Both Democrats, Endorse E.C. Sykes for Secretary of State

Raleigh, NC — Today, Sheriff Mike Andrews (retired) and Police Chief Jose Lopez (retired) announced their endorsements of E.C. Sykes for Secretary of State.

Retired Sheriff Andrews said, “I never thought I’d be living in a world or a state in which citizens were calling for the defunding of local police. As a former elected Sheriff who ran as a Democrat, I no longer recognize my party. Not only is this a dangerous position for the party to take, but it puts North Carolina families and communities in danger.” Sheriff Andrews continued, “E.C. has made it clear that he is the candidate in this race that will stand up for law enforcement. I am continually disappointed in his opponent and her refusal to take a position on this issue that seems so common sense. If our elected leaders are serious about keeping the public safe, they should vocally and enthusiastically support the police.”

“During my tenure as Chief of Police, I saw my colleagues willing to risk their lives each and every day in the name of keeping North Carolinians safe in the spirit of Community Policing. They did so because they believed it was their duty to keep their communities safe. Their bravery inspired not only me, but the communities they sought to serve and protect. These officers deserve admiration, not disrespect. They deserve the appreciation of the public they protect, not to be spit on and screamed at.” Police Chief Jose Lopez also said, “E.C. Sykes stands strongly on the side of supporting our law enforcement and the important work they do. I am proud to endorse him and know he will have our backs in the face of increasingly violent and angry times.”

“I appreciate the support of Sheriff Andrews and Chief Lopez, as well as the broader law enforcement community that has come out in droves to support our campaign. I cannot imagine living in a state without their protection, yet that’s exactly what Elaine Marshall’s radical friends are calling for,” said Sykes. “It’s law and order versus lawlessness—that’s what is at stake in this election. Are we going to stand up to the mob who wants to fundamentally change our way of life, or are we going to allow them to impose their will on our communities, putting us all in danger? I’ve made my position abundantly clear while my opponent has opted to hide her stance from the concerned citizens she assumes will continue voting for her.”

The endorsements from retired Sheriff Mike Andrews and retired Police Chief Jose Lopez, both of whom are Democrats, come only a week after the Sykes campaign released a new ad titled, “Support the Blue,” which can be found here. As more and more members of law enforcement publicly announce their support of E.C. Sykes, Elaine Marshall has refused to state whether she is in favor of defunding North Carolina’s police departments.

The Sykes for Secretary of State campaign will continue highlighting Elaine Marshall’s refusal to support North Carolina’s law enforcement. Families in every part of the state deserve to know whether she intends to uphold her oath to keep businesses and communities safe, or whether she favors the lawless goals of the radical left. To stay updated with the Sykes campaign’s progress, visit www.ECforNC.com or follow on Facebook and Twitter.