Conservative Outsider for North Carolina.

E.C. is a man of strong faith, husband, father, and leader.  Susan, his wife of 36 years, has two children, Matthew and Carolyn, who were born in Rolesville and grew up in Wake Forest.  They have three grandchildren. As a successful business leader, E.C. knows better than anyone how to help hard-working families of North Carolina. E.C. has given back to his community through volunteer work, non-profit, and hospital boards.  Now E.C. wants to continue serving the people of North Carolina in the N.C. Senate.  He will build on the proven conservative principles that made our state great and enable an even better future for the next generations. He is a tested defender of commonsense policies like honoring the rule of law, protecting the family, stopping government over-reach, and helping small businesses create jobs.

North Carolina’s values are firmly ingrained in E.C. through his family, which traces their history back 300 years in North Carolina. He was born in Durham, just two blocks from where he was baptized at seven. His first job was selling home-grown tomatoes door-to-door, and he earned half of his first car by priming tobacco in Warren County. He and his wife graduated high school from Northern Durham, and they both graduated from North Carolina State University. To pay for tuition at N.C. State, E.C. worked first as a janitor in a medical office building, as an electrician, and later as a co-op student. While working full-time as an engineering manager in a data communications company, E.C. obtained his Masters in Management by taking evening courses.

E.C. passionately supports conservative principles, such as limited government, sanctity of life, and religious liberty. He is a strong supporter of pro-life and pregnancy resource groups that compassionately provide for women and their babies. He and Susan were foster parents and believe that people helping people is a better solution than government dependency. E.C. admires Christians who chose the difficult path when faced with the decision of standing for their faith or compromising their beliefs. He and Susan support several charities that provide free legal support for these heroes who boldly stand for their faith and, ultimately all of our religious freedoms.

In 2015, seeing Sen. Ted Cruz as a conservative Constitutionalist, E.C. volunteered full-time for Cruz’s presidential campaign and quickly became the Executive Director of Faith and Religious Liberty.  In 2019, E.C. ran for Secretary of State, winning his first primary and being narrowly defeated by the longest-serving democrat.

In his business career, E.C. showed tremendous leadership capability, and he will bring these skills to the N.C. Senate. He has created jobs and grown companies of various sizes and types, from small family-owned companies to larger public companies operating globally. He has boldly stepped into companies that were struggling and relates to business leaders going through complex times. He served as CEO of a small manufacturing company twice recognized as one of the 50 fastest-growing companies in North Carolina.  As Group President for a $25B Fortune 500 company, he built a team of more than 35,000 employees in 20 countries. He has been CEO of a green energy start-up and CEO of a public I.T. company. Throughout his time in business, he gained a unique knowledge of the global market and the different business practices in other countries, an experience invaluable to recruiting business for District 13.

E.C. was raised on the traditional biblical and conservator values of North Carolina.  As those values come under attack, he is called to give back to the state that enabled his success.  And he is called to pass along the possibility of a better future to the next generations by building on the foundation of values that made North Carolina great.  The people in the 13th District have been under the rule of progressive politicians for too long. In this election, they have the opportunity to choose a leader that relates to their struggles and knows how to stand for their values. 

E.C. is asking for your vote and support.