Conservative Outsider for North Carolina.

E.C. is a man of strong faith, a husband, father, and a business leader.  The 2022 NC Senate election offers a unique opportunity to add an outsider with global business experience to the conservative Senate leadership.  E.C.’s tested leadership skills built on biblical principles reflect his NC heritage and he will fight for us and the generations of North Carolinians who cannot yet fight for themselves.

Together, with his wife Susan of 36 years, they have two children, Matthew and Carolyn, who were born in Rolesville and grew up in Wake Forest. They also have three grandchildren together. 

North Carolina’s values of hard work, personal responsibility, and faith in God were firmly ingrained in E.C. through his family, which traces their North Carolina history back 300 years.  E.C. was born in Durham, just two blocks from where he was baptized. His first job was raising and selling home-grown tomatoes door-to-door.   He learned to drive on his grandparents Warren County farm and earned money for his first car by priming tobacco. EC worked as a janitor in a medical office building, as an electrician, and later as a co-op student to pay NCSU’s engineering school tuition and took evening classes at NCSU to earn his Masters in Management. 

E.C. and Susan met at NCSU and have been married 36 years.  They homeschooled their two children and have three grandchildren who are also homeschooled.  They followed their parent’s example of service through being foster parents, leaders in their church, and on various non-profit boards including NC Values.  E.C. has served on NCSU’s Electrical and Computer Engineering Advisory Board and is a member of their Hall of Fame.

E.C. wants to bring his proven business skills to the NC Senate.  He is a proven successful global business leader and knows better than anyone how to help hard-working families of North Carolina prosper.  He is the founder of Aslan Ventures, a firm that only invest in the RTP real estate.  He served as CEO of a small manufacturing company twice recognized as one of North Carolina’s 50 fastest-growing companies.  As Group President for a $25B Fortune 500 company, he built a team of more than 35,000 employees in 20 countries. He has been CEO of a green energy start-up and CEO of a NASDQ IT company. He has boldly stepped into companies that were struggling and relates to business leaders going through complex times.  North Carolina needs the experience offered by business leaders to shape the policy and limit the government interference in our families.

E.C. is an outsider and a business leader, not a career politician.  He recognizes that principled leadership and business experience is lacking in all levels of government and is asking to serve you and your children by using experiences to set NC future.  In 2015, he volunteered full-time for Senator Ted Cruz’s presidential campaign, was quickly moved into the role as of Executive Director of Faith and Religious Liberty, and recognized as the campaign’s MVP.  In 2020 election cycle, E.C. ran for North Carolina’s Secretary of State, winning a three-way primary and was narrowly defeated by the longest-serving democrat. He was endorsed by Dr. James Dobson, Susan B. Anthony, NC Values, NC Sheriffs, … He raised the awareness of the importance of the office, raised multiples more than any prior candidate, and came closer to defeating the 24-year incumbent than any prior candidate. 

E.C. is recognized as a principled, conservative, business leader who will fight to preserve NC’s traditional values.  He wants you and your children to have the opportunity to prosper, practice your faith, and enjoy the freedoms our state was founded on.  Of all the states in the Union, North Carolina rigorous guards our principles, freedoms, and limited government.  This was a gift given to us and a debt we owe the next generation.  E.C. wants to represent you and fight for those values.

E.C. is asking for your vote and support.